Q. Does Eincamera actually have a store?

A. No, it is only available at the online shop.
We are currently considering a camera shop, so we will update you on Instagram once it opens.

Q.Can I contact you by phone?

A.Some people will contact you by phone.
We will respond, but since all repairs, photography, and delivery are done by one person, we may not be able to answer the phone when we have a large number of orders.

Q.How long does shipping take?

A.Items will be shipped from Niigata, and will be shipped the next day after purchase.
Example: Product purchased on 12/1 (Monday) → Shipped on 12/2 (Tuesday) → Arrived on 12/3 (Wednesday)

Please note that it may take 2-3 days if there is a business trip to shoot.
If you live in Hokkaido or Kyushu, it will take an extra day for the product to arrive.
For those in Okinawa, it will take about a week. For shipping details, please see our shipping policy

Q.What if I pay by bank transfer?

A.It will be shipped after payment is confirmed.
After making the payment, you may receive an email informing you that the transfer has been made, but we have confirmed the transfer, so there is no need to send an email.
If you are unsure, please contact us and we will help you.

Q.I want to make the condition of the product bigger!

A.You can zoom in and view the image from your computer.
If you are still concerned, please contact us

Q.I received the product, but I can't release the shutter!

A. Is the self-timer set?
Cameras with a winding lever
Are you pulling it all the way in?

Don't forget to remove the lens cap?
Isn't there a red lamp in the viewfinder?
In that case, the shutter is locked because it's dark so turn on the flash or go to a bright place!
Otherwise, try replacing the battery.
Is the power turned on?
Let's check!
I still don't understand! If so, please contact us via Instagram DM or contact page.

Q.Where can I buy a film camera?

A. Film cameras were created 20 to 80 years ago.
There are no new cameras, so
Not available at electronics stores

You can buy it online from camera store Kitamura or film camera specialty stores like me.

Q.Which film camera can be transferred to a smartphone?

A.For smartphone transfer, please ask the developer.
Therefore, all film cameras can be transferred to smartphones.
The film camera itself is old.
Insert the SD card
I don't have Wi-Fi, so I have to rely on a developer to convert it into data.

Q. I'm worried about buying online.

A. I understand, you want to see it and buy it.
However, if you are a beginner or are not used to using film cameras, there are many people who go to a camera store and buy a camera, but even if they know what's on the outside, they don't know what's inside.
This does not mean that camera shops are absolutely safe, but there are very few shops that properly maintain and inspect the camera.We receive many inquiries from people who do not know how to use the camera after purchasing it.
So, at Ein Camera, we do maintenance inspections and take pictures of handwritten instructions for things that cannot be purchased visually, and if there is anything you do not understand, we are always available on the Instagram DM contact page.

Q.Where can I buy film?

A. Camera Mr. Kitamura
Yodobashi Camera
Can be purchased online

Q.Where can I get my film developed?

A. Camera Mr. Kitamura
If you want to specify the color, develop by mail.
I'm posting how to develop by mail on my Instagram post.

Q.How much does it cost to develop?

A. A combination of development and smartphone transfer.
About ¥1,200 to ¥1,700

Developing is a must.
Choose your favorite combination of development and smartphone transfer or development and smartphone transfer print.

Q.What else should I get if I buy a film camera?

A. What you absolutely need is batteries and film.
However, if you purchase from me, the battery is included, so please prepare only the film, or if you are planning to purchase a camera from me, if you also purchase the film, you will get a 30% discount on the film, which is a great deal.
Other items include straps, lens caps, tripods, camera bags, and moisture-proof cabinets!
This is not absolutely necessary, so please prepare only if you think it is necessary.

haven't received the product!

A.For those who purchased the camera
We always include the tracking number along with the shipping completion notification.
Please check by email
In case you did not receive the email
Please contact us from the contact page
For customers who purchase only the film and the strap,
Shipped by non-standard mail without insurance
If you wish to ship with insurance, there will be a charge.
If you wish to pay a fee, we apologize for the inconvenience.
Please contact us via the contact page or Instagram DM.
In the case of non-standard size shipping, the film is thick.
It may not arrive in your mailbox.
In that case, the post office will deliver it directly to your home.
If you are absent at that time, you will not be notified of your absence.
If someone from the post office comes to your home several times but is not available
The storage period has expired and the item may be returned to us.
If it is returned, it will be canceled.
If you need it, please order again.

Q. How long will it take to get a reply if I contact you?

A. We try to respond within 24 hours.
If you are in a hurry, please contact us from the contact page instead of Instagram DM.

Q.What will happen to the refund if it is canceled?

A. If you specify bank transfer, the transfer period is up to 3 days.
If payment is not made within three days
It will be automatically canceled, so if you need
Please order again
In case of cancellation after payment
Contact page or Instagram DM
Please let us know the account number for the refund.
In case of cancellation by credit card
We will process your refund immediately.
By your credit card company
Refunds may take more than a month
If you are concerned, please contact us directly.
Please contact your credit card company.