□About film quantity limit and how to purchase□

□About film quantity limit and how to purchase□

About how to buy

If you are purchasing only the film, the shipping method will be as follows.
(If you purchase the camera at the same time, shipping will be free and the package will be included)

[Yamato BOX] Compensation and tracking available ¥500 (tax included)

* Please see the delivery page for details such as delivery date.

About number limit

Film is currently in short supply.
We will limit 3 bottles per person .
(Includes all films such as monochrome, color, 120 etc.)
Please use three different types of film (any type of film is acceptable).
We apologize for any inconvenience caused to those who purchase three or more bottles or those who purchase two or more of the same type.
I will cancel it here.
note that. Please use the image example below as a reference.

*Up to 1 bottle per person
cannot be ordered in large quantities