Eterna Super Slow ASA(ISO)1.6

Eterna Super Slow ASA(ISO)1.6

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●Product description

Ultra low sensitivity negative film⁉️
Speaking of ultra-low sensitivity negatives, you may be familiar with ISO 6 or so, but this one is ISO 1.6! ! Moreover, the movie film ETERAN
C-41 color negative development plate◎
It seems like an American film, and the design and ASA 1.6 are unique. It has a low sensitivity, so I think it's better not to use it if you have a compact camera!
We recommend using a single-lens reflex camera at maximum aperture from morning to daytime!
The blue comes out beautifully☺️❗️

30% off film when purchased with camera❗️

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□About film quality and shipping□

・For domestic and foreign films, if the title does not indicate that it has expired, it will be a current film (within the deadline). However, please note that overseas films may be of poor quality, unlike those in Japan, and we will not provide refunds in such cases.

・For shipping, if you purchase the Yamato Transport shipping film with a warranty if you purchase it at the same time as a camera, it will be shipped out of the standard size at the post office without a warranty.Please understand that this is the only option.