Canon MC [Rare item❗️] [Working item]
Canon MC [Rare item❗️] [Working item]
Canon MC [Rare item❗️] [Working item]
Canon MC [Rare item❗️] [Working item]
Canon MC [Rare item❗️] [Working item]
Canon MC [Rare item❗️] [Working item]
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, Canon MC [Rare item❗️] [Working item]
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, Canon MC [Rare item❗️] [Working item]
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, Canon MC [Rare item❗️] [Working item]
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, Canon MC [Rare item❗️] [Working item]
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, Canon MC [Rare item❗️] [Working item]
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, Canon MC [Rare item❗️] [Working item]

Canon MC [Rare item❗️] [Working item]

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●Product description

Rare camera Canon MC❗️
At that time, Beat Takeshi was the commercial
A camera that became a hot topic for its

“It’s not just photography, the camera has also become art.”
Small sketchbook, camera MC!
This is one of the cameras that became a hot topic at the time due to its unique commercial.However, since Canon's Autoboy was popular, I think most people have never seen this camera.
That's no wonder, because the photos are so good that many collectors won't let them go.There's also a reason why the design is so good.It's a navy body with a red frame and a bright lens.
At that time, there was also MC10.
The brightness of MC10 is lower due to free focus.This MC is better than MC10, so I think there are many people who want it ^^

It has all the features you want, such as a flash and self-timer, making it an easy-to-use camera even for beginners.
How about your first film camera?

●Features included with this camera

Fully automatic camera →◯
Self-timer →◯
Film automatic winding→◯
Date function →◯
(Ends only in the Western calendar, can be set in Reiwa 04 or 00)

Bright single focus lens →◯(35mmF2.8)

●Operation confirmed

This is a fully working item with shutter and flash winding confirmed ☺︎




●Things to prepare after receiving the product

・Batteries → 4 AAA batteries (2 main units, 2 flashes)

・Generally used 135mm (35mm) film

●If you are planning to purchase film together with the camera, get 30% off the film if you purchase it at the same time as the camera!

Coupon code → Eincamera1

If you are purchasing more than one film, please increment the last number (in case of two films, enter Eincamera2).


Benefits!! ️I want to take a blue photo! What kind of film should I buy? What is the operation? How can I put it on my smartphone? How should I store my camera? How to take photos like Instagrammers? ...etc Due to many inquiries, we will send a handwritten manual to all first-time users along with the camera ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ


□Please be sure to read the following notes before purchasing□

□About shipping and payment□

-Shipping will be made after payment is confirmed.
After confirming your payment, we plan to ship the next day, but due to unforeseen circumstances, it may take 2 to 3 days, so if you are in a hurry, please contact us from the contact page.

・We will ship by Yamato Transport. Shipping is free nationwide. For next day delivery, the item will arrive at your address the day after tomorrow. If you live in Hokkaido or Kyushu, it will take two days, and if you live in Okinawa, it will take about a week, so we appreciate your understanding. If you order only the film or strap, it will be shipped on weekdays at the post office (without compensation).

・For payment, we accept credit card bank transfer (Mizuho Bank, Postal Savings Bank). If paying by bank transfer, please make the payment within 3 days of purchase.
Please understand that the reservation will be automatically canceled after 3 days.

□About cancellations, returns, and warranties □

・Due to the nature of second-hand goods, we do not accept cancellations or returns of orders due to the customer's convenience after the product has been shipped. For example, we will not be able to cancel your order if it does not come with a flash or the color of the leather is different from what you expected. If you have any questions, please contact us before purchasing.

-The camera body and lens have a 1 month warranty. The warranty covers cases such as malfunction or something that affects shooting (submersion in water or falling is not covered by the warranty).If you wish to return the product during the warranty period, please pay on delivery and send it back as soon as possible. If the product breaks down after one month has passed, please request repairs yourself.

□About product condition and sample photos□

・All cameras sold at our store are antiques (used items). All operations have been confirmed by us, but
It has been 20 to 80 years since it was released, so there are some small scratches, peeling paint, and unseen deterioration over time, but there are no problems with use. If there are any problems with shooting, please be sure to let us know. The title "In full working order" indicates that all items have been checked and there are no problems with their operation. [Working item] All items have been checked and there are some problems with operation. [Junk item] This is a camera that does not work. You can zoom in and see scratches and threads from your computer, so if you are interested, please view them from your computer.

・Example photos are photos taken in the past with the same model as this camera, or official photos. Live-photographed images are indicated as [Live-photographed] in the title. Since all repairs, cleaning, inspection, and shipping are done by one person, it is difficult to take pictures of all cameras, so we provide a one-month warranty period. Please note that each item is disassembled and cleaned by hand, and each item with new leather applied is done by hand, so please understand this before considering purchasing.