I tried using IRO series SORA200 UMI800 film!

Blog updates have been extremely slow 😅

Changing the topic quickly...lol This time, I heard that a new 35mm film from the IRO series was released, so I immediately tried it out!
First of all, what is the IRO series?
Some people may think so, but please take a look at the image below.

This is what Japan looks like! It is a film that attracted attention due to its punchy design◎
Actually, this film was not made in Japan, but was sold by an Australian film lab called "Film Never Die" 😀
It has a playful design that you don't find in Japan, so it's interesting!
I couldn't help but buy it because I was drawn to the packaging lol At one point, when I peeled off the sticker on this film's cartridge, it turned out to be Fuji Film, so they just changed the packaging! There was also an article that was against it, but it seems that there were a lot of people who didn't know that and had the misunderstanding that overseas films basically use Kodak or Fujifilm cartridges and only the contents are changed.
However, when I used it, it had a unique color tone that cannot be seen with Fuji Film, and it was popular because of its fun, but I personally thought it was sad that it was discontinued. , the new IRO series will be revived at the beginning of 2022.3!
We released SORA200 and UMI800!
I have a new job as the manager of the camera store I frequent!
When I heard that, I got really excited! !
And I'm so happy that it's a high-sensitivity 800 film 😢
High-sensitivity film is very easy to use because it allows you to take bright pictures even in dark places, but since there are fewer types of 800 film than there used to be, I was excited to see that a new one was released, lol! What didn't let me down this time was the cuteness of the packaging 😍
A stylish design on a paper tube! You can reuse the packaging even after using the film, so you can put your favorite film in this paper tube!
I wanted to try using it as soon as possible, so I shot it the same day I bought it lol. The place I go to develops it is a shop that can do it right away, but if you go to camera company Kitamura, they use Kodak and it takes a week!
Below are photos developed with UMI and SORA, so please use them as a reference!
For now, the only online shop that sells SORA and UMI is my EIN CAMERA online shop◎
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If you search for UMI800 or SORA200, it will come up, so you might want one! If you think so, please take a look ^^
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See you in another blog post!

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UMI800↓ (1.2nd) SORA200↓ (3.4th)