How to use PENTAX SP SPII SPF How to load single-lens film camera film

Today, I would like to introduce how to use the PENTAX SP series, which is easy to use even with a single-lens reflex camera and takes good pictures ☺︎♩

First of all, the names of each part 😉

① Rewind crank

②Aperture (ring)


④Shutter speed

⑤Film counter (where you can check how many shots you have taken)

⑥ASA (ISO) sensitivity

⑦ Winding lever

Next time, go buy some film! (Film name)

There are various film manufacturers, but the traditional ones are Kodak and Fuji Film.The top image is the film box, and the bottom image is the film taken out of the box☺︎! In fact, film is a living thing! Wow, it's the same as fish😳❗️, that's what I thought at first lol, so if you store it in the refrigerator, it will look great for 1-2 years even after the expiration date shown in the image above😉And the ASA sensitivity What is that? This is the ISO sensitivity found in modern digital cameras! No, I don't really understand that either, but... I'll explain later! lol First of all, where is the film sold? I often get asked this question, but it is sold at camera company Kitamura and electronics retailers! I feel like Yodobashi Camera has the most variety 🧐 After that, the internet is the quickest ☺︎♫ This topic has gone off topic, so let's get back to how to use the camera ↓

I would like to put the film in when I buy it!

To insert film, open the back cover (film chamber). Turn the rewind crank up! Pull it and the lid will open! The photo is taken with one hand, but I took it while holding the camera, so please use both hands! When the film chamber opens, set the film! Once set, lower the rewind crank. Then, pull the tongue and insert it into the gap in the rod just below the wind-up lever.

Insert firmly so that the tongue does not come off! Once inserted, roll the winding lever once 😃

If you roll the winding lever and the tongue doesn't come off, it's OK! Finally, align the tongue holes as shown in the image above and snap the lid! Push it in to close it!

Since I was pulling the film advance lever earlier, I will release the shutter once. Then, pull the winding lever again and release the shutter! Repeat this until the number 0 on the film counter reaches the red mark. Once it reaches 0, it's time to adjust the shutter speed! For those of you who thought it would be difficult! Are you okay! Now, there is a free exposure meter app that can easily measure the shutter speed and aperture ^^ I will also post here how to roughly adjust it! (For your reference, this is my personal favorite combination)

On a nice day → Shutter speed: 500,250 Aperture: 1.4, 1.8, 2.8 (when you want blur)

Cloudy day → Shutter speed: 250,125 Aperture: 1.4,1.8,2.8

Rainy days or dark places → Shutter speed: 125,60 Aperture: 1.4, 1.8, 2.8 (numbers vary depending on the lens)

Backlight → Shutter speed: 1000 Aperture: 8.16

And the ASA (ISO) sensitivity setting that I talked about earlier! There are numbers from 100 to 800 written on the film box and on the film itself. Match the number written on the film box to the same number on the camera body. Lift up the shutter speed outer frame ring (thin frame ring) and turn it! It's OK if you match it to the same number on the film!

Then, go to your favorite place, focus, and click! Pull the winding lever as far as you can, release the shutter, and enjoy shooting! (The brightness will change depending on the location, so don't forget to adjust the shutter speed and aperture!)

yes! Thank you for your hard work shooting! Is the winding lever unable to be pulled? disappointing! Notice that the shooting has ended! When you're done shooting, click the button on the bottom of the camera! Press and turn the rewind crank in the direction of the arrow! When you turn it, it clicks at the end! It makes a sound and becomes lighter! Even if you can't hear the sound, you can feel it getting lighter if you keep turning it, so be careful even if it gets lighter! Let's spin it about 10 times! Just to be sure, if the tongue of the film is exposed to light, it will be exposed and the photos you took will turn white...😨So be careful not to accidentally open the film chamber while shooting. Sho! If you open it by mistake, if you close the lid immediately, you will lose 2-3 photos, but the next one will be fine! If you open it by mistake and close the lid immediately, the film counter will return to 0, but you can continue to enjoy shooting without worrying about it until you can no longer pull the winding lever.

Back to the story! Turn the rewind crank until it becomes lighter, turn it about 10 times, then open the film chamber! When you open it, the tongue is completely gone and you're left with just the film, so just take out the film without the tongue and take it to the developer, who will do the rest for you! If you have a little bit of tongue left, what should I do? Don't worry! It is OK even if it is about 7 to 8 cm long!

that's all! It's roughly like this! As a side note, the SP series has a battery compartment at the bottom of the camera, and when you put the battery in there, there is an exposure meter on the right side of the viewfinder, but since the camera is over 50 years old, I'm not sure if it's accurate even if it moves. It's unknown. So, in that case, it is best to use a light meter app that is suitable for modern times! Or you can use the method I wrote earlier ^^ You can just match it intuitively! If you think that's an arbitrary answer, it's not an arbitrary answer.Unlike digital, film (negative) can be adjusted to some extent at the developer, so even if the exposure is wrong, the result will look good☺︎♩On the other hand, you rely too much on the light meter. If it's too accurate, it will look like a digital camera and become boring.You may feel uneasy at first, so you can rely on a light meter, but I've never used it before, and now that I'm in a position to teach it. So I try to check it, but if you're a hobby photographer, you don't have to worry about using a light meter, you just need to focus on releasing the shutter. If someone who knows a lot about cameras sees this, I'm sure they'll get angry, but 😇 lol. The slightly blown-out atmosphere caused by incorrect exposure is irresistible ^^ Unlike digital, the grain of film is softer ^^

It's a long story, but for now, please take lots of photos and take a look! The more you take, the better your photos will be! Please enjoy it☺︎! (The photo below was taken with PENTAX SP) PENTAX SP/Takumar55mmF1.8

PENTAX SP + Takumar 55mmF1.8