Benefits for purchasing film camera and film at the same time ❗️ Details of 30% OFF film

Get 30% off film when you purchase a film camera and film at the same time!

*Digital cameras are not eligible.

For example, if you purchase film and camera for ¥1,500 at the same time,

Film costing ¥1,500 becomes ¥1,050◎

●Steps for 30% OFF↓

Add your favorite camera and film to your cart

Proceed to purchase procedure

When you proceed to the purchase procedure, a coupon input display will appear in the upper left corner.

Tap and enter the coupon code ◎

You can purchase up to 3 films!

If you are purchasing only one film, enter "Eincamera1"

If you purchase 2 films, use ``Eincamera2'', and if you purchase 3 films, use ``Eincamera3''.

It will be like increasing the last number☺️!

After entering the coupon code, tap the blue arrow button!

As shown in the image above, the coupon is applied.

30% off film will be applied◎

All you have to do is enter your shipping address and complete the purchase process! Something like this🙆‍♀️

Film prices are going up right now, so 30% off is a great deal!

Please feel free to use it ^^