milk! ? I tried using ECN-2 developing film NARA film!

hello everyone!
Continuing from last time, I tried using ECN-2 developed movie film! ! ! !
Someone from overseas is posting this milk box on Instagram. What is this? ? film? Too cute! ! So I ordered it from overseas lol As you can see in the photo above, it comes in a milk box, and the film is lol The idea is interesting, and the instructions on how to open the milk box are written in Japanese. It seems that it is probably based on Japanese milk◎
It seems to be made in Hong Kong, the purple 07 is ASA250 and the red 19 is ASA500.
With the 500, you can take pictures at night if you use a bright lens, so I thought it would be better to take pictures at night, but since it's Niigata, it's pitch black at night lol If I lived in Tokyo, I would have liked to take some cool pictures around Shibuya. However, I couldn't resist, and since it was May, the weather was excellent, so I shot both films during the day lol.
07 is Olympus OZ120ZOOM
19 is Olympus 35DC
I took this photo with my camera!
This film is the same as the previous My Heart.
Since it is ECN-2 developed, the only difference from normal film is the way it is developed!
Please see the page below for details ^^ %E3%83%A035mm

I'll post the actual photo below◎

It was more unique and interesting than I expected!
This milk film is sold at Ein Camera's online shop!
I highly recommend this to anyone who wants to enjoy films that are not available in Japan! See you in another article!

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