A corner of the universe I tried using film 35mm color negative

Hello ☺️

Starting today, I'm thinking of writing about various things about film cameras.

And for my first blog, I tried using 400Film in a corner of the universe! Thoughts on

First of all, it's an impressive film from the box 😲

We sell film cameras with a wide variety of colors.

It seems that YAMA Film is releasing a film called “A Corner of the Universe”☺️

My personal impression after using it is that the colors are interesting!

The color changed depending on the brightness and I was a bit addicted to it lol

According to an article by YAMA Film, ``It is a film with vivid blue expression and high saturation.

vinegar. ”, but the blue color appears more intense in dark places.

If you take the photo in a place with normal brightness, you will get a nostalgic warm color ^^

What a strange film🧐

Please try using a film that is a little different from what you usually use.

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